mardi 1 mars 2016

Dans la Pub 7 : Le futur selon Samsung

Le futur du monde selon Samsung et son concept de "smart things"
Quelques mots clés de ce nouveau monde: 
Malleable, adjustable, personalised home/work environments (Even Smarter) SmartThings
Virtual Decoration
3D printed furniture and homeware

Grow your own at home Self-cleaning/repairing materials Architecture of the Future Aquatic Homes
Building up/digging down

Work, Science and Research
Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) The working week
Medicine and Ageing
Homes equipped with medical screening equipment Medicine and Procreation
Commercial space flight a reality Drone delivered holiday homes
3D printed food and leisure materials Virtual leisure

And finally...
Living in space. Colonies established first on Mars, and then on nearby habitable planets 

Et tous les détails :